Free E-Book: Why Leaders Should Journal

A few years ago I was plagued by a problem at work.  After weeks of frustration, deliberation, procrastination, yet no feasible solution in sight, a colleague suggested I try writing down my thoughts to try and find some clarity.

To be honest the whole concept of transferring my debacle to paper seemed a little bit wishy-washy to me, but what I discovered upon doing it was quite an epiphany.  Not only did the solution to that particular problem become alarming clear, it also opened the door to a whole new dimension of self-discovery.

Journaling is in my opinion one of the greatest tools leaders can apply to accelerate personal development, and I have made available a free, downloadable e-book for my readers to have and share, so you and your teams can experience the benefits.

Click here to download my free E-Book: Why Leaders Should Journal, by McAlpine Coaching.

And, if you too are a fan of journaling, I would love to hear your thoughts.


About The Leader's Digest

I'm a leadership coach with over 15 years of experience in working alongside CEOs and senior leaders to harness their full potential - and achieve maximum results. The Leader's Digest is a pocket compendium, providing free leadership tips, insights and inspiration for busy executives, supporting the journey to great leadership.
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4 Responses to Free E-Book: Why Leaders Should Journal

  1. Carl says:

    Hi Suzi,
    Thanks for sharing this. “What doesn’t get written, doesn’t get done” reminds me of the numeric adage “What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get improved”.

  2. Jayne says:

    Thanks so much for sharing such a great tool. We will pass on to our clients who too struggle with this.

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