Ask Me A Leadership Question (and win!)

Asking great questions is an essential part of effective leadership.

Good leaders may have the answers (or they may not). But, great leaders don’t necessarily share their own solutions to problems straight away.

Instead, they ask questions. Questions which are derived from listening with full intent. And questions which empower their teams to form their own answers – building their team’s confidence and capabilities along the way.

With that in mind, I have decided to start a regular feature at The Leader’s Digest, where I will dedicate an entire blog post to exploring (and hopefully answering) one of your leadership questions.

A big disclaimer here – I do not espouse to be an expert on leadership, but given it’s what I live, breathe and research all day long, I can share with you what I have learned vicariously, collective wisdom and research, as well as musings from my own meandering, stumbling leadership journey and coaching practice.

So, what burning management or leadership question are you grappling with?

What would you like to know more about, as you look down the barrel of 2014?

The question can be anything relating to the wide world of leadership development / management.

If your question is selected you will win a copy of my favourite leadership book of the moment – this month the book is Heart to Start by Derek Handley. 

What would you like to ask me? 

Leave your leadership question in the comments section below and you’ll automatically go in the draw to win!


About The Leader's Digest

I'm a leadership coach with over 15 years of experience in working alongside CEOs and senior leaders to harness their full potential - and achieve maximum results. The Leader's Digest is a pocket compendium, providing free leadership tips, insights and inspiration for busy executives, supporting the journey to great leadership.
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11 Responses to Ask Me A Leadership Question (and win!)

  1. Hello Suzi, I’m really enjoying your blog. I think one of the things I continue to wrestle with as a coach-in-training is motivating for change. I’ve read Kotter’s work on Change and Patterson & company’s fantastic book Influencer, but I sense there continues to be an ongoing reality that for some people and organizations there is an immunity to change. Even when organizational or tragically an individual is facing potential death. My question: What ‘tactics’ have you employed and where do you begin when it comes to nurturing a motivation for change in a person or team setting?

  2. Melissa Munro says:

    Hello Suzi, I have noticed that if an employee feels ‘connected’ to the greater good of the organisation this can lead to increased levels of motivation, enthusiasm, and other positive side effects such as creativity. Establishing this connection requires good core values within an organisation, and good communication of those core values. How do other leaders you know communicate these core values? And how do they encourage others within the organisation to communicate core values?

  3. Lynne says:

    Hi Suzie,
    One of the questions that always come to mind for me with leadership is that we often hear the phrase around he/she was a fair weather leader (not sure that’s possible?) or he/she was a leader for their times often of tremendous crisis e.g. Churchill in WW2 .
    What is the balance for a leader between the vulnerability of being human and showing it,especially in the tougher times, with the need to inspire confidence and belief? Do they, can they go hand in hand? What examples can you give of leaders and/or behaviours that demonstrate this balance?

  4. Bobbi says:

    1. With commercial globalization and the increased number of leaders/managers being remote from their direct reports; what changes (if any) do you think leaders will need to make, to ensure their leadership is effective? Are there unique competencies required by those leaders who lead remote teams?

    2. As businesses grapple with rapidly changing technology and the ability to work from any location; are you seeing any trends around more remote leadership? If yes, what impact (if any) is this having on the success of the businesses?

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