The False Impossible

May 6th 1954 was a special day in history.

Up until this day, people thought it was impossible to run a mile in less than four minutes.

But on that day, someone did. That someone was Roger Bannister. He ran it in three minutes and 59 seconds, to be precise.

The weird thing? Within only 46 days, John Landry broke the record again.

And by 1957, 16 more people went on to achieve what people previously thought could not be done.

Today, well over a thousand people have achieved this once “impossible” feat.

You can do more than you think.

Banish impossible from your repertoire.

Difficult? Yes.
Unlikely? Maybe.
Requiring enormous effort, creativity, persistence and dedication? Always.

Can’t be done?
Think Roger Bannister.


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I'm a leadership coach with over 15 years of experience in working alongside CEOs and senior leaders to harness their full potential - and achieve maximum results. The Leader's Digest is a pocket compendium, providing free leadership tips, insights and inspiration for busy executives, supporting the journey to great leadership.
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2 Responses to The False Impossible

  1. Hi Suzi,
    A colleague of mine talks about ‘the grain of sand that moves the mountain’ from a change management perspective… once it moves the rest follow!

  2. Hi Nick, nice to hear from you. What a great description. Cheers, Suzi

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