Suzi McAlpine, Executive Coach & Leadership Development Facilitator

Suzi McAlpine, Executive Coach.

As a leadership coach, blogging has become a natural part of my desire to help others find clarity, inspiration, and direction.

The Leader’s Digest is a creative outlet, a vehicle for expressing the themes I experience each day in my work, and a forum for discussion, whilst hopefully providing a few morsels for thought in the process.

I  am privileged to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, in Nelson (NZ), and I work alongside CEOs and executives all around our beautiful country.

I travel a lot, so this blog is also a way of strengthening my connection and relationships with the wonderful people I coach, and with others who choose to stop in along the way.


6 Responses to About

  1. Suzi, I must compliment you on the articles you have posted. Over and beyond the crisp writing style, you touch all relevant topics and deliver some great commentary, suggestions and advise. Keep up the great work! Cheers!

  2. cavegirlmba says:

    Really like your blog’s name, it is funny and smart at the same time.

  3. Sandy Sue says:

    Hi, Suzi. Thanks so much for visiting my site and choosing to follow along. Visiting NZ is on my Bucket List. Sigh! Someday…

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